7 Critical Steps to Make Your Data Roaming Business More Successful

images (2) Mobile network operators are facing multiple challenges from regulation, commoditization of services, competition from OTT players, and infrastructure investment for LTE, among other challenges. Yet one area offering promising growth is data roaming. A large percentage of mobile users continue to turn off their devices when they travel, and mobile data usage continues to soar. To help operators best address this opportunity, Syniverse has put together seven steps based on its deep experience in roaming. 1. Act in Real Time Use real-time intelligence, collected from multiple sources, to segment your customers based on their domestic usage profile and execute a successful data roaming pricing strategy. 2. Know Your Customers Stimulate brand engagement by communicating relevant roaming offers to your customers when they’re outside of their home networks. 3. Customize Your Offer Offer customized data packs to your subscribers based on their consumption and usage history. 4. Make Purchases Easier Create user-friendly roaming packs that are easy to purchase, provision and repurchase,anytime, anywhere. 5. Empower Your Subscribers Put your subscribers in control by providing easy re-charge options, pricing and self-care capabilities. 6. Prevent Complaints Remove concerns about bill shock, with appropriate pricing, communication, usage controls and alerts. 7. Focus on Quality Provide end-to-end quality of service for your roamers, to ensure an optimum usage experience. Syniverse data roaming experts have analyzed what it takes to unlock new revenue potential from data roaming and compiled their findings in a new white paper. Request your free copy below!

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