Cloud Computing support the development of SME

Cloud Computing support the development of SME

Cloud Computing is on its way to change people’s life and also in effect on the Development of enterprises. With Cloud Computing and related significant feature such as resource sharing, it provides a big efficiency on organization’s daily work.

Currently, cloud computing is not the only right of big companies, but also coming into SME’s usage. With it SME can save a lot on its TCO of ICT, and feed with great working experience. The system will pre-install some commonly using software like CRM, ERP, OA, etc. All of this package up like a turn-key Box to give a all in one solution for SME’s formalization. There is several key feature it will bring to SME like low cost, powerful function, tailored, easy install and maintenance.

Sure in the future, It’ll come into all SME’s eyes and provide key function for SME development.


By Pan Enlei Guangzhou China.


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